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Thrilled to Take Silver at Impact Demo Day

There’s an unparalleled rush when you pour your heart and soul into an idea, then finally put it in front of the world. That’s precisely what I experienced at Impact Demo Day in Jönköping! I’m incredibly proud and honored to announce that my startup took second place in this prestigious competition.

Impact Demo Day isn’t just another pitch event

It’s a showcase of innovative solutions focused on creating a more sustainable future. I pitched my idea in front of a professional jury comprising experienced investors, seasoned developers, savvy managers, and an excited audience of over 60 attendees. Their expertise and support proved invaluable.

My startup centers around developing advanced detection software to shield society from the threat of deepfakes and AI-cloned voices. I envision a world where the authenticity of content we see and hear online is readily verifiable, allowing for greater trust in the information we consume.

Pitching my idea at Impact Demo Day was the culmination of months of hard work and tireless dedication. But securing second place isn’t where the journey ends; it’s just the beginning. The recognition and feedback I received are fueling my desire to push forward and continue refining our solution.

The experience taught me several crucial lessons. It reinforced the importance of believing fiercely in your own idea,surrounding yourself with mentors and advisors, and embracing the invaluable knowledge gained from every interaction.

I want to extend a big thank you to Science Park Jönköping for hosting such a vital event that propels startups toward bigger and better things. I’m inspired by the other competitors and everyone who played a role in fostering such a positive atmosphere of innovation. Finally, thank you to those who see the promise in my project—this win has reignited my passion to help pave the way for a more trustworthy digital world.

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