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Why I Built a Company to Fight Deepfakes and AI Voice Clones

The line between what’s real and what’s fabricated is blurring at an alarming rate. Deepfakes and AI-generated voices are becoming so sophisticated that it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart from genuine human audio and visuals. The implications of this are truly unsettling.

We face a world where individuals, corporations, and even entire governments can use deepfakes for malicious purposes such as defamation, fraud, and the spread of disinformation. Imagine the chaos caused by a faked audio recording of a political figure inciting unrest, or a fabricated video of a CEO announcing a false company scandal. The ability to manipulate someone’s voice carries similar dangers – scammers could weaponize voice clones to trick others into financial ruin.

Innovation and societal good

It was this creeping unease and the desire to protect people from manipulation that led me to found my company. I recognized that technology itself wasn’t the problem; the problem arises when technology is exploited for harmful ends. This firm belief ignited the idea for a software solution that acts as a digital shield against deepfakes.

I’m currently assembling a team of brilliant engineers and AI researchers. Together, we will develop advanced algorithms that analyze audio and video content in extraordinary detail. Our software targets the subtle imperfections present in deepfakes and cloned voices, revealing the telltale signs of artificial creation. We look at everything from inconsistencies in voice inflections to unnatural pixel patterns in images and videos.

My mission extends beyond the mere development of superior detection methods. I envision a future where businesses utilize our tools to prevent the spread of fraudulent material. I hope our work empowers journalists and citizens alike to verify the authenticity of the media they consume.

The struggle against deepfakes and AI voice clones is far from over, but the battle has indeed begun. This company isn’t just a business venture; it’s my commitment to creating a world where the truth isn’t drowned out by fabricated realities.

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    Peter Bowman
    Posted 14 September 2023 at 15:00

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